The American Tack Company was founded in 1937 in New York City and quickly became the country's largest supplier of thumb tacks and decorative furniture nails. Acquisitions then expanded the product offering and the company was renamed American Tack & Hardware, which would operate out of the Flatiron Building in New York City.

 In 1997, the company purchased the Westek brand and product lines. Soon after began a period of expansion with an office in China in 2003, a distribution center and corporate office in Pennsylvania in 2007, and a sales and marketing office in Wisconsin in 2018.

 Now known as AmerTac, we offer a full range of distinct decorative home accent products that include stylish Wallplates, money-saving LED Nite Lites™, innovative Under Cabinet Lighting, and convenient LED Battery Operated Lights. Our comprehensive product lines include energy-saving Timers, Dimmers, and Lighting Controls for the home and office. Our products are distributed to leading home centers, lighting showrooms, mass merchandisers, along with major drug and supermarket chains throughout North America.

 As we continue to look to the future, we remain committed to the principles upon which the company was founded - quality products, good value and outstanding customer service.

Environmental Statement

Westek Lighting is committed to a green environment through the development of energy-saving products as well as the use of environmentally-friendly packaging. Westek Lighting uses recyclable packaging material, such as blister cards made from recycled paper fibers and plastic blisters from friendly materials like PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). All transactions are paperless, and products are shipped in 100% recycled, corrugated boxes with "air pillows" instead of packing "peanuts" - all in an effort to reduce the burden on our landfills.

In an effort to reduce energy consumption and minimize our costs, our facilities use the latest in energy-efficient technology, such as motion-activated office lighting, which ultimately helps the environment and keeps our prices low. Our Lighting Controls and Timers conveniently turn lights on/off only when you need them – saving on utility bills and worry. Our energy-efficient LED Night Lights and Under Cabinet Lighting contain small, light-emitting diodes that use a fraction of the energy required by standard incandescent bulbs. Plus, they are long-lasting and cool-to-the-touch.

By purchasing Westek Lighting products, you will not only be adding a measure of safety and convenience to your home, but doing your part in keeping our world – and your pocket – a little greener.